Cooling System

Doylestown Auto & Truck Cooling System

Remove Scale & Corrosion. Protect your engine from the heat and keep it from freezing on super cold mornings.

The cooling system is your engine’s only means of releasing the heat that builds to incredible temperatures inside the engine block. Water, mixed with coolant, carries the heat out of the engine to the radiator where it is transferred to the metal fins in the evaporator and blown into the air.

Over time and with temperature extremes, your coolant’s protective additives are depleted and begin to break down and become acidic to engine surfaces. This breakdown in coolant conditioners causes corosion and scale to permeate the system.

Smith Auto & Truck Repair Service dissolves and removes accumulated deposits of scale and sludge. Old, contaminated fluid is replaced with new coolant fortified to protect the metal surfaces inside the radiator and extend the life of the water pump, hater core and hoses.

 Doylestown Auto & Truck Cooling System

Doylestown Auto & Truck Cooling System

Rust, scale and sludge can plug cooling system fins, preventing proper circulation of coolant.


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