Here are 5 tips from Doylestown Auto Repair for used car buyers:

1. Ask for service records. Most owners who document regular maintenance service take care of their vehicle.

2. Inspect the vehicle thoroughly. Check for uneven tire wear, alignment, suspension issues, strange sounds and funky odors.

Doylestown Auto Repair

3. If everything checks out up to this point, bring it to Doylestown Auto Repair for a thorough used car inspection. Your friendly and knowledgeable service advisor at Doylestown Auto Repair can give you a heads up on any pressing issues or emerging problems that will need to be addressed eventually. If the seller won’t let you do this before you buy, move on.

4. Buy a CarFax report. This will show any major issues and title status concerns including whether it is a salvaged vehicle. You don’t want a car that was underwater for a week after Hurricane Sandy.

5. After you buy, stay on top of regular maintenance (and save the records). Doylestown Auto Repair will help keep your car running well and you will enjoy not having a car payment.


As always, give us a call if you have any questions.


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