Automatic Pro car fitness tracker now includes free 3G wireless connection.

For those of you who don’t just Uber and actually drive a car, Automatic’s automobile “fitness tracker” just got a lot easier to use thanks to a new, always on wireless connection.

Automatic’s device, which connects to your car’s On-board diagnostics (OBD-II) port, previously used your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection in combination with an app to track your car’s trips.

The company’s new device, called Automatic Pro, instead gives you a dedicated 3G connection to the company’s service. It’s a subtle upgrade that nevertheless offers a dramatically easier experience.

More importantly, the secure 3G connection doesn’t require a subscription.  It’s included in the service when you purchase the $129.95 device.

Another major benefit of the updated device and service is how Automatic’s Crash Alert works. Before, a driver needed to be in the car with the connected smartphone for a Crash Alert to register in the app. Now, using Automatic Pro’s always on 3G connection, you’ll be alerted even when you’re away from the car, a potentially vital feature if you have friends or family members who frequently borrow your car.

In addition to tracking trips and providing tips on fuel efficiency and crash alerts the device and app helps you remember where you parked your car.

The company’s website states that the 3G connection will last for five years. However, according to the company, that time limit shouldn’t concern users.

“We haver no plans to start charging for service after five years — it’s simply a legal technicality that says we have to advertise an end date and not an open-ended commitment,” Automatic’s Buckley Slender-White told Mashable. “We plan to offer 3G service for as long as the customer has the device.”

The Automatic Pro app is available on iOS and Android.