One of the most dangerous things you can do is drive a car. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, globally almost 1.3m people die each year from automobile accidents. In the US, there are roughly 37,000 fatalities each year, which totals about 10 deaths per 100,000 people.

If you’ve paid attention to the tech sites lately, you’d know there are Samsung Galaxy Note 7s that catch fire due to faulty batteries. So far there have been roughly 35 incidents out of 2.5m devices, which means driving a car is much more dangerous yet we ignore the statistics when we drive distracted.

Distracted driving, or texting, and not using your smartphone or other mobile devices hands-free, is one of the most dangerous things you probably do every single time you get in a car. Using your smartphone while driving is illegal in almost all states in the US as well as many countries around the globe.

I live in San Diego where the fine for using a phone in the car is $161. In other cities the fines are as low as $20 which is asinine. These fines are not enough to distract many drivers from using their phones which not only endangers themselves and their passengers, but also the innocent drivers who are doing their best to make it home to their loved ones.

The government may not be enough of a deterrent for you to prevent you from using your cell phone, but it’s your responsibility to drive as safely as possible. All it takes is one accident and you could ruin someone else’s life forever.

It’s time you got a cell phone mount for your automobile. If you already have one, then kudos to you. Parents, if you’re reading this and have a young driver in the family, a cell phone mount is an absolute must-have for your loved one.

I’ve recently been using Mobei’s GekoGrip xM3 series Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount for smartphones and tablets, and it’s one of the easiest and most reliable mounts I’ve used in a long time.

Let’s check it out.

The GekoGrip mount is designed to attach onto the air vent in your automobile. There is a magnet housed in the front end triangular shaped top piece, with a ball joint connected the four prongs that push onto the vent. The ball joint has a threaded exterior, so you can screw down the nut over it to keep your cell phone mounted in a position that makes your phone visible in a position that is comfortable for you to see.

In order to attach your phone to the magnetic mount, you will need to stick on one of two included metal pieces either on your phone directly, or in between your case and smartphone.

Geko Grip Car Mount

The round metal piece is has an sticky surface on one side and it’s designed for those who go case free. The other rectangular piece, has a felt side to protect your smartphone from scratching when it sits in between your case and smartphone (metal phones like the iPhone are not drawn to magnets since they are made from aluminum so you will need to use one of the metal pieces).

Geko Grip Phone Mount

Once installed, which takes a matter of seconds, the magnet has plenty of power to hold the smartphone in place even when it’s upside down. In the picture above, I’m using a relatively large Note 7 and a somewhat rugged Caseology case.

Once in your vehicle, all you have to do is push the four pronged end into the cross section of your vent and then screw down the ball joint.

Once installed in the air vent, which does take a decent amount of force, it stays firmly in place.

Simply hold your phone up to the magnetic portion and the phone sticks very easily. There’s nothing to tighten down, and it’s one of the easiest ways to mount your phone in your automobile. The only downside is your phone will block the air vent. In San Diego, that’s never an issue for me since the weather is pretty consistent and I almost never use heat or A/C. Most other regions though, do experience a wide range in temperatures, so you can leave the phone off the mount until your car has come to the temperature you’re comfortable with before attaching the phone.

If you’re concerned about the phone falling off on its own, don’t worry. I have an off-road suspension on my truck, which is not a smooth ride, especially in California where our roads are riddled with deep pot holes. Not one time did the mount move, or shown signs of letting go of my Note 7.

From opening the box, installation to putting in use, it took no longer than a matter of minutes to add in a safety feature all cars should come standard with these days.


The GekoGrip Modular Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount is available for purchase at Amazon for $19.95 with free Prime Shipping. The mount is rated to hold up to 300g, which means it won’t hold your full sized tablet, but it will more than easily keep your smartphone mounted in a safe position while you drive.

The statistics prove driving can be a dangerous activity, but distracted driving is simply asking for trouble. It’s almost inevitable for some to use their smartphones while driving, especially those who stream music to their car or need GPS to get around town, so you might as well make it safer by installing a mount. The GekoGrip air vent mount is a smart choice, especially when you factor in the ease-of-use and quality for $19.95.

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