Several states — including Pennsylvania — require drivers to submit their vehicles to regular safety inspections. Many drivers become nervous that their vehicle may not be up to the task. Read on to learn more about mandatory state vehicle inspections in Pennsylvania: the criteria officials test vehicles on, and how Smiths Auto & Truck Service Center performs tests and can help a vehicle pass.

Why Safety Inspections?

Over time, every vehicle suffers ordinary wear and tear. Essential parts begin to break down, lights burn out, and so forth. These components aren’t just nice to have: they’re essential to a vehicle’s safe functioning.

Unfortunately, some drivers may stall on getting regular tune-ups or even critical repairs to their vehicles, and this may put themselves, their passengers, or other drivers at risk. And many problems with a car may not be apparent until the vehicle gets into an accident due to poor maintenance.

Mandatory state vehicle inspections are a requirement for registering a vehicle, or updating its registration, in Pennsylvania. They help drivers become aware of any issues with their vehicle, and encourage them to become compliant, for their own safety and others’.

What a Safety Inspection Covers

A safety inspection covers many points, all of which are carefully outlined in state law. These include, but aren’t limited to, factors like:

– The vehicle’s structural integrity, including its windshield and other glass, flooring, fenders, and bumpers.
– A driver’s ability to see out of and around the vehicle, including proper functioning of all mirrors and lights.
– Presence and proper function of a horn.
– Functioning brakes, as well as seat and safety belts, and
– Passing a road test, to ensure the vehicle moves.

Many testing facilities will also bundle in an emissions test, which is another essential requirement to registering a vehicle.

How Smiths Can Help

Smiths Auto & Truck Service Center is a state-approved vehicle safety and emissions testing facility. Its careful, professional staff will meticulously look over any truck or car, to ensure its safe functioning and compliance with local regulations.

If they find something, don’t worry. Smiths is also a full-service auto and truck center. They’ll get any vehicle back into compliance so you can renew its state registration, at an affordable cost.

Drivers shouldn’t fret over vehicle safety inspections. Smiths’ team of inspectors and mechanics will detect any problems with a vehicle and assure its compliance — without breaking the bank or causing a hassle.