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Spring is almost here!  Have you thought about your vehicle lately? Well, here in Doylestown now is the time! Cold weather and poor road conditions put a damage on your vehicle inside and out. Here are some helpful suggestions to get you ready!

1) Be sure to give your car a good wash. It will help to get rid of salt and debris, which can take a toll on metal parts underneath your vehicle.

2) Now is the time to switch out your winter tires for warmer weather tires. While you switch, be sure to check if you need a wheel alignment or a tire rotation due to the massive pot holes on the roads. As the warmer weather approaches, your tire pressure changes; so be sure you have the correct tire pressure amount to get an even tire wear.

3) Did you know replacing your filters can improve gas mileage by 4% and get out 99% of pollen and dust from the outside air? To avoid a summer break down, we recommend getting the filters replaced to make your vehicle run cleaner and more efficiently.

4) Wiper Blades are also a very important part on your vehicle. With all the snow and ice on your windshield, your wiper blades have some winter damage. Its always best to get them replaced to make it a safer drive for you.

Whether you get one thing checked or all, be sure to think ahead! Its always a good idea to be prepared! Remember, at Doylestown Auto Repair, we take care of your vehicle, just like the doctor’s office takes care of you each season!

So let us help you prepare for the spring!

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Doylestown Auto Repairs Spring Maintenance

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