In today’s economy, people are keeping their vehicles longer and looking for smart, affordable ways to maintain them. Rust and corrosion are glaring examples of what can go wrong when your car’s painted surfaces are chipped or scratched. Sometimes the fight against rust feels like an uphill battle; but if you can help avoid the cause, you may be one step ahead of the game.


Small stones and debris kicked up from passing vehicles can hit your car and chip the paint, exposing vulnerable sheet metal. In time, the exposed sheet metal can begin to corrode and rust, compromising your vehicle’s good looks and at the same time lowering its value.

Many automotive dealerships and independent installers offer a protective film to help guard vehicles’ painted surfaces from this kind of damage. Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film is made of tough, durable urethane film, yet it’s clear enough to be virtually invisible so your vehicle’s appearance remains unchanged.

The tough urethane film takes the brunt of damaging road debris, bug damage and weathering when professionally applied to painted surfaces, including the front end, side mirror backs, wheel wells, door edges, fenders, bumper areas and more.

3M was the inventor of paint protection film, which was first designed to protect helicopter blades from sand abrasion in the 1960s. Reformulated for automotive use, the film is available nationwide. Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film, an official NASCAR Performance® product, provides proven protection for passenger vehicles, classic cars, motorcycles and street rods, boats, semis, tractors and RVs.

Professional film installation is highly recommended and is available through many new car dealerships or by authorized film converters and trained applicators across the country.