Safety is the number one concern of any auto insurance provider. Many applicants will have their rates determined based on their insurability risk, which must be low enough to make them reliable customers. There are any factors that influence insurability risk, but among them, the vehicle is the most important.

Drivers can now benefit from the full extent of safety technologies through telematics, a system that provides full connectivity between the car, the driver and the insurance provider. Telematic systems work well with black box insurance which means that the agency gains access to data about the driver’s habits. Agencies promise to reward customers who sign up for telematics insurance with cheaper premiums. 

The newly released blog post has a list of safety devices that lower car insurance prices. These are:

  • “Backup camera. With a backup camera, pedestrians, vehicles or any otherwise unseen danger is immediately exposed. Parallel parking is also made easier, because it provides clear view to the rear.
  • Lane departure system. If the car drifts from its lane, the driver is notified via audible, visual or tactile warning. Higher-end systems have the ability to steer the car back into its intended lane
  • Forward collision alert. These systems can save you from a frontal collision with the driver ahead who stopped suddenly or prevent you from hitting other things in front of your car, from animals to walls
  • Blind spot warning. Lights near the side mirrors automatically illuminate when a vehicle occupies either of your blind spots, making every lane change safer.”

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