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    The 11 best winter tires for cars and trucks. Stay safe in 2017

    The importance of having the right tires for the right season can’t be stressed enough. It doesn’t matter how much R&D and engineering went into your car’s chassis and handling if you have low-quality rubber or rubber designed for another season; you won’t get the performance you paid for. Summer tires give you grip in

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    Hit a pothole? Smiths can help.

    As the ravages of winter subside and temperatures rise, there is probably a pothole out there with your name on it. Record cold temperatures, snow and rainfall in many parts of the country have created the perfect storm for the motorists’ dreaded “perils of potholes period.”

  • Need New Tires In Doylestown?

    Buying tires in Doylestown is a big deal so, consult with a tire professional at Smiths Auto & Tire about proper size, type and grade for your local Doylestown PA driving needs. We can help you balance load requirements, fuel economy, performance, durability and cost. When buying new tires, it’s best to replace both tires on

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    Doylestown Auto Repair: Tire Rotation and Balancing

    Question: How do I know when I should get my tires rotated and balanced? Doylestown Auto Repair Answer: The interval for tire rotation could depend on a recommendation from either the tire manufacturer or the vehicle manufacturer. The background question for Doylestown drivers is why do tires need to be rotated? Front tires wear differently than the

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