A vehicle’s brakes are one of its most important safety components. Car and truck owners shouldn’t just coast along on wishful thinking. Smiths Auto & Truck Service Center offers brake inspections and repair, to give drivers peace of mind.

Potential Brake Problems

Even ordinary driving subjects a vehicle’s brakes to tremendous heat and pressure. While brakes are built to withstand those kinds of conditions, they can’t keep going forever. Brake pads, shoes, and rotors need regular maintenance to ensure proper and safe functioning.

Thankfully, if a vehicle’s brakes are experiencing problems, they often give drivers warning signs. These may include:

– Strange noises, like screeching, rubbing, or grinding.
– Vibration or pulsing, especially in the steering wheel or pedals.
– Unusual smells, especially around the tires.
– Changes in brake function, especially having to press down further on the brake pedal to get the same stopping power as before.
– A vehicle’s brake warning light turning on.

All of these signs reveal that a vehicle needs to go to a mechanic for immediate maintenance. If left unaddressed, these problems may render a vehicle unsafe to drive, or they may cause serious damage to the rest of the vehicle.

However, some signs of impending brake failure may not give any obvious signs to drivers. This is part of why regular tune-ups are so important. Mechanics can detect potential problems, before they become serious.

How Smiths’ Mechanics Help

Smiths Auto & Truck Service Center keeps a staff of highly skilled and attentive auto mechanics. These professionals have the knowledge and experience needed to detect problems with brakes — even before they begin displaying obvious problems to drivers. With a regular tune-up, they’ll catch and fix any wear or tear on a vehicle’s braking system, before it becomes a real problem.

If a driver brings in a vehicle that’s showing clear brake problems, these technicians will spring into action. They’ll diagnose the problem, replace any malfunctioning or affected parts, and test the vehicle to ensure it’s functioning properly again — all at a price point drivers can afford.

Brakes are vital to a vehicle’s safety, and shouldn’t be taken for granted. By relying on Smiths Auto & Truck Service Center’s crew of capable mechanics, drivers can rest assured that their brakes are in working order, and their vehicle is safe.